Friday, 21 March 2014


I'm just going to ignore the fact the I disappeared for half a year from this blog! But I've been hard at work I can assure you. I'm not going to post all my work but some of the best bits and more recent stuff.

More recently trying to get back into drawing more character orientated bits and pieces because I've done a ton of environment stuff the past few months.

Here's an environment design that i'm actually currently working on as a level within UDK, I was taking this as a reference for the design and Gameplay flow but as it's progressed it's become a lot more Bladerunner-esque, which gives me more use of the editor and it's material tools. The general design is still similar what's shown in the painting below.

Really happy with how far i've come in the past year and a half and here's a little comparison, in fact you can just look back on this blog and see the improvement, it's really gratifying but i still have a long way to go! The painting at the bottom is for the level design shown above as you can see, it's evolved quite a bit!

These updates will become regular again! I know quite a few people have been missing them!