Tuesday, 19 February 2013


Been going indepth with Maya this week and working with creating 3D objects, below is a scene that i've been creating. I was tasked with simply making a barrel but i've completed that and now i'm going on and making a scene for it some sort of marked place stall. Something along those lines. Not textured the stall itself yet but i'll get round to it tomorrow!

Heres all the textures, which were painted within photoshop and wrapped around the objects. 3D is weird! Hard to work with but i'm sure i'll get the hang of it.

Some standard studies, still trying to get atmosphere and depth in my images. Oh and clouds definitely something i need to work on! Feel like im getting better still though. Lots of work to go to be as good as i want to be!

Hope you enjoyed this update, check back next Tuesday for my next update!

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Busy busy busy! Sorry!

Hey readers!

Sorry this has been super late, i've not done a post in over two weeks but i promise to make it up to you! Gonna do some extra posts over next few weeks between the weeks, follow me on twitter and you'll see when i do these posts! (they'll be a little eratic!) @katastrophimatt https://twitter.com/katastrophimatt

Anyway here's a couple of things i've done past few weeks.

So firstly, i did a brief where i had to do level designs and other stuff that was for a live brief (reason i've missed posting) for a real company! It was really fun, i took a snapshot of part of the level i did and did a concept piece for it, which is the image below. Definitely enjoyed doing it will have to do more stuff like this!

Here's a couple more studies i've been doing, studying atmospheric perspective mostly and colour mostly, trying to paint things in their local value then do washes over the top to give the atmosphere and depth to the pieces.

I've been doing a ton of 3D work, which i'll post up next week (I promise this time!). Back on my normal scheduled now along with my extra posts to make up for missed time! Hope you enjoyed this post.