Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Back to Painting

Had a rather large stint of only doing a hour or so of painting a day but i'm slowly working that back up to my usual standard! Gotta work hard for the payoff. I'll be doing less than i was in october/novemember/december last year because i have to do 3D work and i'm in dev with a couple of small IOS and Android games but i'll still keep it all up!

Anyway, that's all boring! You're here for the progress, been getting back into the swing of things, done a lot of quick paints and some more detailed ones!

I tried out some new techniques for these first two paintings, done using a photoshop tool called the custom shape tool inspired by how a friend does his amazing paintings (Jonathan Powell > he's amazing like him on Facebook! :)

Did a study of a screen grab from the film drive in anticipation of a painting that im currently doing for my brother's birthday. Not really happy about how it turned out, used a messy brush for it and when i tried to rectify it by going over stuff it made it look so much worse. Although the neon likes don't look too bad i guess!

Going to be wapping out more and more of these environment photo studies again! 

Couple of random quick thumbnails, i'm working on the top one i might actually use it for something, a nice swamp area for my turtle dude to live in (thumb below it). We will see if anything comes of it!

Hope you liked this update be sure to stick around there will be more next week!

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Models Models Models!

Been working hard lately got multiple game's in development and plans for other things, busy making many props and stuff for them. Fitting in university work and painting in between! I'm still doing my life drawing and it's improving slowly i need to work more on anatomy again! :(

For university i have gotten an assignment to do props for a corner piece. I've done a quick concept sketch of what i want it to be like, but i've thought a bit about it i want it to be much more grotty looking than it is shown in my concept as you may be able to see below. 

Rendered in UDK this is my current situation with the corner, i need to finish my walls and change out the lighting a bit.

Improved my market scene a lot over past few weeks, improved the textures and the objects themselves went each through a few stages, learnt a lot over the way!

Couple of environment quickies to get myself back on track with my environments! Need to get back to work with painting spending a lot of time doing uni work and modeling though! Need more time in the day!!!
Come back next Tuesday for another update!