Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Merry Christmas! + Lots of landscapes

So although i said i wasn't gonna do a blog post on Christmas, i will anyway ;P Obviously aha. 
Anyway, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all! I got a new Wacom Intuos 5 Pen & Touch for Christmas, which is awesome. It feels really nice and i'm looking forward to using it a whole lot! :)

As i've been doing lots of environments and landscapes recently i have been trying my hardest to incorporate people and figures within them but i just keep not getting it right! So i've been doing practices similar to these gesture drawings here every day and some landscapes and things that have failed (not put here) that involved people.

Some of my landscapes from this week, including a owl, which i want to send off to Blitz for their open day if i put a bit more work into and improve my lighting and stuff within it i really though i could be in with a chance! 

Anyway gotta go Christmas dinner is calling me! See you all next week!

Tuesday, 18 December 2012


This week has been very busy, working on multiple websites and even began working on an zombie based IOS game, which is awesome but i'm not gonna disclose that stuff yet! Very exciting!

I've done a ton of colour studies, all of these images were done straight into colour from photo references, i feel i'm getting better at perspective and knowing where objects are in space i still need to work on my colouring a whole lot because if compared to references the studies are definitely out a noticeable amount.

Next week i'll update on the Thursday due to Christmas and my birthday! (Boxing day) so check back then! I may do another post before then with some Christmas based shenanigans drawings :)

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Portraits & Environments

Some nice portraits i did from their respective references, although i made Bear Grylls look way more manly with a rather square sharp jawline and the perspective on Mr Downey Jr. is rather off but still these were fun to do!

I want to improve my backgrounds and my use of colour within my paintings so gonna do a ton of these environment practices over the next 4 weeks in prep for the creation of my portfolio for the Blitz Open day.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Must Study More...

Not had a terrible amount of time for drawing this week had so much written work to deal with and I've seemed to had a bit of a block with portraits and stuff nothing seems to be working. Just need to focus and get back on it, I've done essays and all the stuff know just want to work on it! Here's just two digital paintings from this week, top one was done in black and white then coloured second one was drawn straight in colour, not a bad attempt, other than her head and hair being dodgy, and hands. Urgh!

See you next week! I'm sure there'll be lots more to show then!

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

3D & Randoms

Been stuck right into Maya past few days learning the ropes and I've been doing a load of tutorials and what not. Here's one of the things I've created!
It's a pretty good start just i need to remember all the techniques used so this week i'm gonna work on some of my written work (essays and the such) then come back and have another bash at making another concept!

I really didn't want to upload this digital drawing, but i guess i want to see where I've progressed from, so apparently i can't create environments from no reference because this, well it's so bad there's so many faults and the colour is bad. Well, that's my task over Christmas  might go for walks or something and take a sketchbook with me and draw environments and all that jazz. It needs to be done! 
Been doing a little bit of figure drawing this week and quick portraits of the people. Nothing special. I'm planning on joining a figure drawing class in the new year when i come back to university after Christmas seen as though my traditional drawing class ends. That will be nice meeting new people and try and take from their techniques and the such! 
Don't expect a whole lot of impressive work the next few weeks got a lot of written work that needs completing and some old stuff that needs redoing (UDK stuff mostly).

Friday, 23 November 2012

Old People & Randomness

Been really not well this week so haven't had time to either draw or update my blog sorry! Here's some of what i managed to get done though. Some notable characters and then randoms. My attempt at Einstein was horrible! 

Sorry about the quality on the next portraits they've rather deteriorated within my sketch book and these are the only images i have of them! 

Got bored in class and drew there's from my head bit rubbish i know haha i'm gonna try draw some knights i think this week or something! So might work on some of these characters and i need to improve my rendering of metal!

Hopefully my next blog post will be more interesting sorry! I'll try and get back on scheduled and post on Tuesday next week!

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Portraits & the speed demon

Been doing around 4 hours a day for past few weeks. Keeping it up too! Done many many studies, mostly of portraiture. It would take me hours to scan in all my drawings so I've scanned some of the best! But there's still a lot of studies and improvements to be made!

I also tried my had at doing them digitally and colouring them but they often looked diseased or a bit disfigured. But i'll keep at it don't worry! Just need to keep ontop of my studies.

 I was given a brief in which we could choose one of 7 topics and i choose one that was simply called speed demon. I did a lot of different sketches but in the end i decided i wanted to do some aircraft studies anyway so i drew a Typhoon (top) and a I think what is an F-15 (bottom). 

I tried my hand at an Anatomicae competition over on the Cghub forums. It was to draw the skeleton of a dancer. I need more reference for the rib cage and there's not much depth to my painting but still it was something different! Take a look at the other users work some of it is inspiring! Link.

Oh and also. Have a squirrel.

See you next week!

Monday, 5 November 2012

Matt goes Digital!

So this week, I've been hard at work doing many many practices for a brief that I've received  I'm still trying to get used to the tablet and how to use it correctly and how to use colour better. That's a main aspect I've been finding that without line work my sketches would just be a mess. So I've been doing some still life studies. First of which did not go too well! But practice makes perfect and i am happy with my second two attempts!

Learning to create my own brushes and playing with the brush settings to achieve the look i wanted for the pear giving a realistic texture whilst providing the ease of use was interesting. Below are a few quick silhouettes/sketches we were given 5 minutes to come up with silhouettes for each of the topics and these are what i came up with, some interesting figures here. I may come back to these later and develop them or take ideas of them. I especially like the barbarian style character whom is wearing a pelt almost like clothes.

The next part of the blog was to do with a brief, which i shall explain. We were required to make a level within UDK (Unreal Development Kit) that used under 20 brushes. These brushes were then required to be textured using our own hand painted textures. I'm not particularly happy about how my textures came out but the level isn't too bad for a first go! 

I'll keep working on my digital stuff this week! I want to do environments in preparation for a brief i am getting!


Thursday, 1 November 2012

Massive Update!

Sorry this is a few days late, but it's all good because I've done tons! And there's loads more than i haven't scanned in to show but anyway here goes!

I've been working hard on anatomy this week, I've been trying to get used to muscle structures on the torso and back whilst also continuing studies on poses both with the use of bone structure and without. I did a whole lot of studies on the torso the ones above were the best and my favourites!
Perspective studies that have been done since Wednesdays drawing class, been enjoying doing these i need to apply them more in real life environments and they will help in my new brief, which is for Thursdays lesson. Drawing an environment within Photoshop, looking forward to doing it!

 These two drawings were more doodles that turned into actual in game characters. This is for a brief in which we are supposed to create a character with interesting mechanics. These are in the early stages but i'm sure i'll have these fleshed out by next week!

Oh and a fish and a octopus. :)


Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Lots done this week!

After my drawing class on Wednesday, I've been practicing a whole lot on bone structure and trying my hand at anatomy. I'm surprised i'm actually thoroughly enjoying having to think about what it beneath what i am viewing of a person. I still need to get my muscles and joints and stuff sorted out have a go at all those parts and do full anatomy studies but i'm definitely improving in this area.

I'd never really paid much attention to drawing hair before as I've always thought of it as more a laborious process that would take a long time, having to draw every single piece of hair but i've been practicing done some hair styles here and there.

I did some general portraiture along side my anatomy studies, which included my studies on the hair. This week i need to go more in depth with those hair and portrait studies. Or more work on anatomy! What to do!

I've been doing lots of work within UDK and Maya at the moment, which will probably come up in my next blog post so keep a look out! :)


Tuesday, 16 October 2012

More Portraits

Not been drawing as much lately. As i've been working on some levels in UDK getting used to the engine the dev kit again after a couple of months away from it. But here's a few portraits I've done in the past few days.

Zooey Deschanel, and i tried to draw my friend from an extremely angle using the griding method but it didn't go very well! Will have to keep practicing.
Also a Digital painting of Steven Fry, the initial sketch of him was good but my colouring skills on skin and definitely not up to par!

Small update this week will make sure i do lots of work for my next one though!