Monday, 24 June 2013

Back! It's summer and time for more art! :)

Hey all, been on a slight hiatus but i'm back and hoping to work harder than ever! Got a ton of stuff to show i've been doing quite a bit recently.

Firstly some light studies from imagination, nothing complex but also practicing indoor stuff, also trying to work on texture a little bit. Also, a simple monochromatic cityscape, just playing about again with texture.

Need to practice some more indoor stuff and also working on texture oh and getting my shadows a bit better.

Some more of the normal landscape stuff! I really like Green :)

I need to do more indoor and more of people, i've been sat outside in the nice weather recently doing some nice pencil sketches of tree's and stuff so i might have a go at painting some trees :)
Hope you like this update will try to keep this updated more, so check back next week!