Saturday, 5 October 2013

What do I want to do.

I feel like I've been slightly slacking recently on my normal art schedule, need to get working hard on my sketching, just been more motivated to learn and use 3D and game dev kits (UDK mainly). I feel like it would be more beneficial for me to work harder on this area whilst still improving my art work because overall i feel like being more realistic about a job out of uni i have a better chance of getting a job doing 3D modeling than concept art at this stage and within the next year or two. 

Anyway, here's a creature I've been working on for uni, the model is by someone whom uses the handle Bobotheseal. The texture is by me.

Don't ask me how the UV map works on this model because it's an absolute mess (sorry Bobo!) It took me around 15 hours to complete but it turned out pretty nice I'm pleased with it, first time doing a character and all.

Here's some more recent studies that I've done looking at some rock texture stuff.

That's it for this week whilst i get into the swing of things again anyway! Thanks for stopping by!

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