Tuesday, 9 October 2012

More insects, doodles and anatomy!


I've been drawing with my tablet tons the past few weeks seeing a definite improvement, which is very heartening! Still need to get used to giving objects a more convincing 3d look but that's an improvement that i need to do both on paper and on my tablet.

Doodles and Anatomy

 I'm still trying to improve my portraiture so I've been doing plenty of eyes noses and other facial features but i have still yet to successfully combine them together producing something that is recognizably the person whom it was attempting to portray.

Been doing still more and more insects practicing there features and even trying to come up with some insects of my own that look believable.

Also after last weeks drawing classes we've been tasked with doing hands and feet. I've practiced drawing hands many times before because they are a part of the body that can be difficult to draw but they are often on show. Feet however i have struggled with so I've done some studying of the muscle and bone structures and i'm trying to improve on this aspect of the anatomy.

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