Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Lots done this week!

After my drawing class on Wednesday, I've been practicing a whole lot on bone structure and trying my hand at anatomy. I'm surprised i'm actually thoroughly enjoying having to think about what it beneath what i am viewing of a person. I still need to get my muscles and joints and stuff sorted out have a go at all those parts and do full anatomy studies but i'm definitely improving in this area.

I'd never really paid much attention to drawing hair before as I've always thought of it as more a laborious process that would take a long time, having to draw every single piece of hair but i've been practicing done some hair styles here and there.

I did some general portraiture along side my anatomy studies, which included my studies on the hair. This week i need to go more in depth with those hair and portrait studies. Or more work on anatomy! What to do!

I've been doing lots of work within UDK and Maya at the moment, which will probably come up in my next blog post so keep a look out! :)


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