Thursday, 1 November 2012

Massive Update!

Sorry this is a few days late, but it's all good because I've done tons! And there's loads more than i haven't scanned in to show but anyway here goes!

I've been working hard on anatomy this week, I've been trying to get used to muscle structures on the torso and back whilst also continuing studies on poses both with the use of bone structure and without. I did a whole lot of studies on the torso the ones above were the best and my favourites!
Perspective studies that have been done since Wednesdays drawing class, been enjoying doing these i need to apply them more in real life environments and they will help in my new brief, which is for Thursdays lesson. Drawing an environment within Photoshop, looking forward to doing it!

 These two drawings were more doodles that turned into actual in game characters. This is for a brief in which we are supposed to create a character with interesting mechanics. These are in the early stages but i'm sure i'll have these fleshed out by next week!

Oh and a fish and a octopus. :)


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