Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Busy Week!

Sorry this is almost late been rather ill today and not been able to get up to much!

I've been really busy this week with university work, level designs and 3D work so i've been bogged down in that not managed to get all that much digital drawing done unfortunately but i have been working traditionally on doing many many loomis studies, mainly on portraiture. Trying to get back on track with doing portraits, trying to improve myself in an area, which originally was my best!

Still trying to improve my ability to "see", so i did a glass study, apparently these are quite difficult to do. But came out quite good! little bit of a problem at the base it seems but other than that i'm happy! Also, did a quick study of a photograph that i took of a place called Skippool near my hometown

Putting those Loomis studies to the test, been trying to pull off portraits again, but realistic ones. Very very difficult to get it right, some went well some didn't. Did lots of quick sketchs to practice getting the likeness of the person first, some i took further into both b&w or even colour, which was interesting to do because i applied what i'd previously learnt about subsurface scattering to it. :) It's always nice when stuff comes together like that.

That's all for this week unfortunately, hopefully i'll have much more next week! Stay tuned :)

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