Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Environment, Environment, Hippo...

Done an absolute tone of environments this week, I've been working on starting to include more man made structures within them and working on my perspective, which in the long run will help with the man made more angular stuff, which is what most of these studies are, either angular (rocks) or environments with buildings in just to try and practice this aspect that i'm definitely lacking in.

As you can also see i'm trying to bring up my linework along with my perspective stuff. which is what the above studies were mainly for. 


I did a couple in black and white for the value studies too, because i've not done anything like that for awhile but i really think my colours have been massively enhanced solely in the last month, which is awesome. But understanding light is the hardest part of art. Why objects have reflections and how materials interact with light and where it's coming from to create the impression of form. I did a speed paint of a hippo for a competition over on deviantart, 80minute paint.

Did something very different that i normally wouldn't of done. In class we were put into teams and had to come up with a game concept and we were given different jobs and i was assigned UI design. Although the written work was a bore the actual design was kinda fun to do.

I thought i would put this picture up too because not only do i do digital work I've been doing a ton of anatomy and general sketching stuff along side all of this. The image above is all the completed sketchbooks since August 2012 year (since i started drawing for real). My teachers had a little chuckle when i said i bought 15 sketchbooks but i'm flying through them! Enjoying it too, i'm looking at grabbing some oil paints and I've been playing with ink and watercolour recently, it's all good fun.

That's it for this week, i'm off to my second life drawing class now! So i'll be back next Tuesday to show my progress! Make sure you check back then!

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