Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Masters, Anatomy and Practice Practice practice!

I have done an absolute ton this week, i've probably been drawing about 8 hours a day minimum, feel like i'm really improving with my work. So firstly some Master Studies that i've been doing for learning reasons the portrait for a study of how the old masters went around the process of sub surface scattering, which is a very interesting topic within itself. The other master study was for composition and palette reasons, the technique would be difficult for me to successfully pull off at the moment!

I've been doing both Bridgman studies and Loomis books at the same time and i've gone through a whole sketchbook just on practicing arms and torsos and the muscles and bones to go with them, these are some of my studies after those practices, all from photo reference. I really feel like i'm getting better at seeing the forms and bringing them out to give them a 3D effect, almost popping out of the page.

Whilst i've been doing loomis, i have also being doing portraits. Many many portraits, i've completed possibly about 20 for people over on Reddit. As there's a subreddit that people ask for portraits and i've enjoyed doing them along with my studies, here's some of the best of them.

I tried something a little different with this one, i'm trying to get more confident with my lines, and kinda enjoy this sort of style.

This photostudy is among the few that i've done this week along with my normal insect and animal studies.

 First attempt at a concept, completely from mind! Kinda happy with it, the composition is nice leading you around it and the like but i'm gonna try and knock at least one of these out a day try and get my brain wurr-ing and thinking about my own creations.

Hope you enjoyed this update! Check back next Tuesday for my next update! :)

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