Wednesday, 28 November 2012

3D & Randoms

Been stuck right into Maya past few days learning the ropes and I've been doing a load of tutorials and what not. Here's one of the things I've created!
It's a pretty good start just i need to remember all the techniques used so this week i'm gonna work on some of my written work (essays and the such) then come back and have another bash at making another concept!

I really didn't want to upload this digital drawing, but i guess i want to see where I've progressed from, so apparently i can't create environments from no reference because this, well it's so bad there's so many faults and the colour is bad. Well, that's my task over Christmas  might go for walks or something and take a sketchbook with me and draw environments and all that jazz. It needs to be done! 
Been doing a little bit of figure drawing this week and quick portraits of the people. Nothing special. I'm planning on joining a figure drawing class in the new year when i come back to university after Christmas seen as though my traditional drawing class ends. That will be nice meeting new people and try and take from their techniques and the such! 
Don't expect a whole lot of impressive work the next few weeks got a lot of written work that needs completing and some old stuff that needs redoing (UDK stuff mostly).

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