Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Portraits & the speed demon

Been doing around 4 hours a day for past few weeks. Keeping it up too! Done many many studies, mostly of portraiture. It would take me hours to scan in all my drawings so I've scanned some of the best! But there's still a lot of studies and improvements to be made!

I also tried my had at doing them digitally and colouring them but they often looked diseased or a bit disfigured. But i'll keep at it don't worry! Just need to keep ontop of my studies.

 I was given a brief in which we could choose one of 7 topics and i choose one that was simply called speed demon. I did a lot of different sketches but in the end i decided i wanted to do some aircraft studies anyway so i drew a Typhoon (top) and a I think what is an F-15 (bottom). 

I tried my hand at an Anatomicae competition over on the Cghub forums. It was to draw the skeleton of a dancer. I need more reference for the rib cage and there's not much depth to my painting but still it was something different! Take a look at the other users work some of it is inspiring! Link.

Oh and also. Have a squirrel.

See you next week!

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