Monday, 5 November 2012

Matt goes Digital!

So this week, I've been hard at work doing many many practices for a brief that I've received  I'm still trying to get used to the tablet and how to use it correctly and how to use colour better. That's a main aspect I've been finding that without line work my sketches would just be a mess. So I've been doing some still life studies. First of which did not go too well! But practice makes perfect and i am happy with my second two attempts!

Learning to create my own brushes and playing with the brush settings to achieve the look i wanted for the pear giving a realistic texture whilst providing the ease of use was interesting. Below are a few quick silhouettes/sketches we were given 5 minutes to come up with silhouettes for each of the topics and these are what i came up with, some interesting figures here. I may come back to these later and develop them or take ideas of them. I especially like the barbarian style character whom is wearing a pelt almost like clothes.

The next part of the blog was to do with a brief, which i shall explain. We were required to make a level within UDK (Unreal Development Kit) that used under 20 brushes. These brushes were then required to be textured using our own hand painted textures. I'm not particularly happy about how my textures came out but the level isn't too bad for a first go! 

I'll keep working on my digital stuff this week! I want to do environments in preparation for a brief i am getting!


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